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Setelah kami berbagi mengenai rekomendasi bacaan yang merupakan main dishes disini , kami tak lupa bagikan side dishes atau bahkan suplemen untuk para penikmat food for thought. Dengan catatan, beberapa bacaan dan tontonan yang kami share itu saling melengkapi. Jadi baiknya kalo teman-teman sudah nonton, jangan lupa membaca juga.

Mohon izin ya.

Semoga bermanfaat


    • A Muslim Vision of the Life Worth Living: An Evening with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

      Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, president of Zaytuna College and perhaps the most influential Islamic scholar in the Western world laying out a Muslim vision of a life worth living. After Shaykh Hamza’s remarks, he and Miroslav Volf, Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School and Founding Director of the Yale Center for Culture, engage in an inter-tradition conversation about the good life– what it is, how we can get it, and how we can realize it together.

    • Don’t be Depressed: You do not Know Your Future | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

      Fate, predestination, and divine decree: This lectures deals very clearly with the difficult topic of qadr and attempts at explaining the wisdom behind decrees. The speaker eloquently provides great inspiration for the depressed and despondent.

    • Stressed Out: The Struggle for Success with Dr Rania Awaad

      Dr. Rania Awaad guides us through stress reduction strategies and techniques that can help us benefit from the blessings of Ramadan. Reducing stress in our lives can put our minds and bodies in a better state, God willing, to take advantage of the manifold spiritual opportunities this month offers.

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