Kesalahan Mengambil Keputusan – Source

“Mowen dan Minor (2002) mendefinisikan bahwa perilaku konsumtif adalah suatu perilaku membeli sesuatu produk atau jasa yang tidak lagi didasarkan pada pertimbangan yang rasional, melainkan membeli produk atau jasa tertentu untuk memperoleh kesenangan atau hanya berdasarkan perasaan emosi.”

“Good decision-making happens when rational thinking is followed by the enactment of a decision that maximizes utility. Rational thinking involves the ability to understand and evaluate alternatives, to make judgments that are relatively free of biases, and appropriately appraise the consequences of decisions. Compared to other possible outcomes, the outcomes of the most productive decisions have the highest utility (subjective value, or goodness, e.g., Bell et al. 1988) to the decision-maker. However, because utility judgments can be influenced by factors such as strong emotions or incorrect predictions of future preferences (Loewenstein et al. 2003), making the most productive choice is often difficult. Biased utility judgments may lead to the selection of a suboptimal alternative and the failure to maximize experienced utility (Kahneman et al. 1997).”